BrainTrust Business Training

Our Mission: We aim to develop the skills of the people of South Africa, in order to create jobs, improve lives and strengthen our nation as a whole.

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About Us

Since its establishment in 2015, BrainTrust Business Training has strived to provide its learners with a positive, affordable and reliable service. From our incredible team of facilitators who provide hours worth of assistance to our students both in person and via correspondence, to our assessors, who have been able to provide a three week turn-around time including both the assessing and remediation of the students’ work, our facilities have allowed us to have our students verified by Services SETA in the shortest time period possible. Learn more about our team by clicking the link below.

BrainTrust Business Training is accredited with the Services Sector Education & Training Authority (SSETA), accreditation number 10091, and aligned with the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) to offer the full suite of Real Estate qualifications & preparation courses. BrainTrust is currently in the process of expanding, and will soon be able to offer a variety of courses over and above those in Real Estate.


Our Statistics

BrainTrust Business Training has met all SSETA requirements since its establishment in 2015.

BrainTrust Business Training has managed to retain and certify well over 90% of the learners enrolled.

BrainTrust Business Training has managed to retain and certify over 90% of the learners enrolled.